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Creators Change and Evolution
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The IX Private Expert Forum provides a platform for professionals to engage in networking, fostering connections, exchanging insights, and offering mutual support within a global community.


Have questions? We’re here to help.

INTROXPERT invite-only membership leverages cutting-edge technology to efficiently connect the public with creative experts working worldwide to book their individual 1:1 Curated Video Session from 15,30,45,60,75 and 90 minutes segments. By becoming an IX expert, individuals have the opportunity to earn, donate, and offer their expert advice to the public, expanding their network and accessing new audiences, clients, and appointments. Set your prices, set your calendar, create curated 1:1 Video Sessions and use the IX tools to enhance your business, promote and earn.

Our internationally based team at IX is a collaboration of diverse skill sets, working together to revolutionize the way individuals engage and connect with top experts in the creative industries. We have curated the IX platform to transcend geographical constraints, allowing you to access top industry leaders in creative industries. Email Us: info@introxpert.com

INTROXPERT takes pride in maintaining a community of exceptional individuals, and the selection of Experts is a crucial aspect of ensuring the high standards we uphold. Our Experts are selected through a thoughtful process that involves nominations from fellow members. Members of INTROXPERT have the privilege to nominate individuals whom they believe exemplify excellence in their respective fields. This nomination process not only acknowledges the expertise and accomplishments of potential Experts but also fosters a collaborative environment within our community. Each member has the opportunity to nominate up to 10 colleagues who they believe demonstrate outstanding knowledge, skills, and a commitment to the values of INTROXPERT. These nominations play a vital role in identifying individuals who can contribute significantly to the collective knowledge and growth of our community. The selection of Experts through nominations ensures a diverse and dynamic group, representing various domains and perspectives. It reflects our commitment to recognizing and celebrating excellence while encouraging a culture of mutual support and acknowledgment among our members. At INTROXPERT, we believe that the strength of our community lies in the expertise and collaboration of its members. The nomination process for selecting Experts is a testament to our dedication to maintaining a community that values and empowers its members to thrive in their respective fields.

The driving force behind INTROXPERT consists of professionals with rich backgrounds in the creative industry. This dynamic team brings diverse expertise and experiences from various facets of the creative realm, forming the backbone of the platform's innovative approach to connecting individuals with top experts. Their collective knowledge and passion for creativity shape INTROXPERT into a hub that transcends conventional boundaries, providing a space where individuals can seamlessly engage with experts in the creative industry. The team's commitment to fostering connections and breaking down barriers reflects the platform's dedication to redefining how people connect with and benefit from the expertise of creative professionals.

INTROXPERT help book the most in-demand creative experts and get 1:1 advice over a video consultation. (1) Discover an IX expert in our marketplace and check their schedules directly (2) Once you find a time that works for you, pay to book a session. (3) Reminders are sent to join the 1:1 video session. Ask the IX expert questions and receive expert feedback and advice.

Our experts can choose to offer sessions ranging from 15 minutes to 3 hours. Most experts offer between 15-60 minute sessions, with bonus add-on such as 90 minutes in some cases.

Our IX Experts are always surprised by much they can achieve in a virtual call, from 15 minutes to longer the session covers expert topics and inquiries in a flash!

Yes. Everyone from all over the world can access the most in-demand creative IX experts and members. We currently accept all major credit cards in USD with multiple payment checkout options.

All of the IX Expert time slots presented on our website and marketplace are local to your time zone. For example, if you're based in New York, the times will be presented in EDT.

Many of our IX experts sell out. You can wait until they unlock more sessions or if they enabled on their page the Request a Booking feature you can submit your suggested time. This feature is free to use and you'll only get charged when they confirm the booking credit card.

It depends on each IX expert's schedule. Some add daily, weekly, or monthly. Season industry changes and events can affect scheduling but count on our IX experts to continue to update their timetables.

Yes! Please look for the button to learn more about this process. Gifting and supporting charity are always our favorite sessions and continue to support our mission of giveback.

Almost anything! Each IX expert will do their best to cover your inquiries. We do suggest refraining from asking the experts for medical advice or about private matters. If you have specific medical questions, please see our terms of service, and reach out to a doctor near you.

Yes. You can reschedule calls at least 48 hours before the session. For any cancellations or reschedules must be placed within 48 hours of the session and notification sent through the IX expert page. IX will charge a fee to compensate the expert for the last-minute change.

Find our Apply Now button on our website and provide us with your best view of who you are and your leadership and expertise in the creative industries.

We embrace creativity around the world and seek the best experts at the top of their field. Take a chance and contact us today. The Global Creative Economy has countries around the world relying on it to produce jobs, growth and stimulate innovation, fuel tourism and promote culture. The U.S. GPD in 2020 for arts and culture was an added $876.7 billion.

An IX Expert has the flexibility to seamlessly incorporate as many sessions as desired into their calendar, with no prescribed minimum or maximum limits. Your calendar is entirely customizable to align with your unique working schedule.

IX suggests calculating your hourly rate and then applying a 30% premium to it. The range from $50 to $2000 per hour. IX Experts will certainly book out fast and have the potential to earn 200-500K per year for your business and is there for you to grab! IX Members can also choose to donate a session to their favorite charity, just place your charity in on your banner in your profile and start your fundraiser today!

Signing up for IX is completely free. We only earn when our IX experts do and believe in the commitment to human connection.. When clients make bookings through our platform, IX retrieves a 30% commission. IX Members can set their own pricing for their Video 1:1 session for their time and therefore do recommend to based your prices with the commission in mind.

Tailor your pricing strategy to reflect your expertise, industry standards, market competition, and demand. While consulting rates can differ among individuals, the typical range falls between $150 and $1000 per hour. Depending on your unique skills and services, anticipate earning a minimum of $50 per hour and potentially more. Consider incorporating a suggested commission IX percentage into your pricing structure to maximize your overall consultancy earnings.

Once granted admission to INTROXPERT as an Expert, you can log in using your username and password to access your profile. Explore the wealth of informative videos provided on the IX Forum to enrich and finalize your IX Expert Profile with pertinent details. Take the next steps by configuring your Earning Payment System and set up your calendar – and you'll be all set to embark on your journey with INTROXPERT!

The IX Connect Forum serves as an exclusive enclave for seasoned professionals, industry experts, and thought leaders to engage in high-level discourse and collaborative knowledge sharing. This closed-door invitation-only platform provides a confidential space where individuals with a wealth of experience and expertise can convene to discuss cutting-edge trends, challenges, and innovations within their respective fields. Members of the IX Connect Forum represent a diverse spectrum of industries, bringing forth a mosaic of perspectives and insights. The forum's curated environment fosters candid discussions, allowing participants to delve into nuanced topics without the constraints of public scrutiny. This exclusive setting not only promotes knowledge exchange but also cultivates meaningful connections and collaborations among distinguished professionals. With a focus on fostering innovation and human to human connections, the IX Connect Forum serves as a crucible for the development of forward-thinking solutions and strategies. By harnessing the collective wisdom of its members, the forum stands as a beacon for those seeking unparalleled expertise and a collaborative space to navigate the complexities of their industries.

Introducing our cutting-edge technology designed for seamless 1:1 video calls within the confines of a private forum. This innovative solution ensures a secure and exclusive environment for meaningful interactions. With advanced encryption protocols, our platform prioritizes privacy, offering a confidential space for confidential conversations. Experience the future of personalized communication through our specialized technology, fostering genuine connections in a secure online setting. Working from any device Users and IX Experts can log-in and press a button for the IX Sessions making it an easy 1,2,3!

Embark on the mission of INTROXPERT, a haven for top professionals offering personalized advice within a creative global network. As an Expert, you'll receive specialized invitations to the IX Connect Forum, fostering continued exchange among IX's Top Experts. Our platform seamlessly brings together seasoned experts in the global creative economy, forming a secure space for the exchange of insights, guidance, and expertise across various fields. At INTROXPERT, we not only connect experts within our global community but also open avenues for the public to book specialized IX Curated Sessions. Experts can earn or choose to donate their time, making the exchange of knowledge accessible to a broader audience. Committed to fostering dynamic idea exchanges, our global network effortlessly connects individuals seeking advice with knowledgeable professionals through 1:1 Video Curated Sessions. Our mission revolves around prioritizing human-to-human connections, ensuring that every interaction is imbued with empathy, understanding, and a genuine dedication to individual growth. Within our secure environment, we not only facilitate the exchange of professional knowledge but also emphasize the human aspect of learning and empowerment. Join us on the INTROXPERT mission to immerse yourself in a globally connected community and an exclusive space that values and nurtures the essence of human connection. Experience the unique opportunity to contribute your expertise, earn, or give back, all while being part of a platform that champions the profound importance of humanity in advancing education and empowerment.