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IX partners with the most progressive companies to support their top leaders and experts in the creative field. Harness the power of the IX Membership network for your top talent, and drive higher retention, returns and community connections. Start meaningful creative conversations Tell us more about your organization and take the first step toward partnership with IX growing membership community.

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Membership in IX is open to those who excel in their creative fields and seek to connect with and receive support from seasoned professionals at the pinnacle of their careers. Prospective IX members undergo rigorous assessments, considering their years of experience, artistic or creative background, and contributions, alongside a proven track record of mentoring and nurturing others along the way. Companies can network within a private community of like-minded professionals with the opportunity to offer nominations to colleagues while promoting their company leaders and experts in their chosen field. From art studios, and fashion houses to architecture firms each community is welcome at IX. The inner IX Club network connects like-minded individuals for networking and professional advancement.

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IX nurtures and supports top creative professionals, celebrating their professional journeys. Each member is thoughtfully evaluated based on their experience, background, and impact, as well as their dedication to uplifting others along the way. IX provides opportunities for creatives to earn and grow their businesses through meaningful connections and industry-leading experiences.

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Joining a network of INTROXPERT professionals with their unique expertise from the creative industries. IX Private Forum is set for IX Experts to connect and gain access to the 'IX Expert Suite of Technology Tools' to help promote your business profile, gain new clients, earn for your business, and expand your global network.