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Noah Becker

Category: Media & Communications

About me

Noah Becker’s multimedia practice includes writing, publishing, and films, but he is best known for his paintings, which use the idiom of classical portraiture, pop art, landscape and installation to explore the formal and allegorical possibilities of the human figure and the natural world. The subjects of his compositions are conjured from memory and imagination. Becker has said of his typological, metaphysical approach. “An artist does not always need to follow rules to make things like pictures of people, still life paintings or landscapes.” Becker further examines art historical themes and tropes as the Editor-in-Chief of Whitehot Magazine.

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What to expect

"Noah Becker's Artistic Exploration"

  • IX Session is not active currently
  • Rapid overview of Noah Becker's multimedia practice, including writing, publishing, films, and paintings
  • Key highlights of his use of classical portraiture, pop art, landscape, and installation in artistic exploration
  • Quick insights into his approach of conjuring subjects from memory and imagination
  • Ask three or more questions
  • How I evaluate my industry
  • Advice on particular topics
  • - IX sessions can be selected for Charity Choice Donation 

"The Art of Genre Fusion: Classical Portraiture, Pop Art, and Beyond"

  • IX Session is not active currently
  • In-depth exploration of how Noah Becker fuses classical portraiture, pop art, and other genres in his paintings
  • Insights into the formal and allegorical possibilities explored in his representations of the human figure and the natural world
  • Brief overview of the typological and metaphysical approach in his compositions
  • Discussion of creating the magazine WHITEHOT
  • Ask insight and gain in-depth feedback.

"Expressive Painting: Conjuring from Memory and Imagination"

  • IX Session is not active currently
  • Extended discussion on Becker's unique approach of conjuring subjects from memory and imagination
  • Exploration of hands-on painting exercises inspired by his artistic process
  • Live examples and case studies showcasing the formal and allegorical possibilities in participants' creations


"Art Historical Themes Unveiled: Noah Becker's Editorial Role"

  • IX Session is not active currently
  • Comprehensive insights into Becker's examination of art historical themes and tropes as the Editor-in-Chief of Whitehot Magazine
  • Detailed exploration of his editorial contributions and their influence on his paintings
  • Strategies for exploring diverse themes and perspectives in art through both writing and visual expression
  • Whitehot Magazine and its significance in the contemporary art scene.
  • Insight into the magazine's mission and the role it plays in shaping art discourse.

"Painting, Writing, and Beyond: A Multifaceted Creative Journey"

  • IX Session is not active currently
  • Engaging exploration of Noah Becker's multifaceted creative journey, including painting, writing, and editorial work
  • Interactive discussions on the intersection of different artistic practices and their influence on each other
  • Hands-on activities that encourage participants to express themselves through both painting and writing
  • Exploration of how editorial work informs and enriches his approach to painting.
  • Highlights of key themes and perspectives tackled in Whitehot Magazine under his leadership.
  • Q&A session for a personalized understanding of Becker's creative process and insights

"Virtual Gallery Tour and Creative Dialogue with Noah Becker"

  • IX Session is not active currently
  • Guided virtual tour through Noah Becker's paintings, exploring key themes and artistic influences
  • Discussion on the reciprocal relationship between editorial insights and artistic expression.
  • Case studies and examples showcasing specific instances where editorial work directly influenced his paintings.
  • In-depth discussions on the fusion of genres, art historical exploration, and the editorial landscape
  • Live demonstration of painting techniques and editorial considerations
  • Creative dialogue and collaborative activities for participants to engage with the artist's work on a deeper level

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