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Kora Mancini

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About me

Kora is the founder of one of multiple brands including Pedechi and Kora Mancini. Kora has become one of the most recognizable shoe designers in the United States. Her mentoring and skill set has been featured in mutilple publications. Specializing in shoe design,  Kora will help you feel a new sense of clarity for your shoe closet or dreams to become a show designer. 

After graduating from the Fine Art Academy of Bucharest, I migrated to New York with a dream and a desire to design women’s shoes, particularly New York women. In pursuit of my passion, I graduated from Parsons with MFA in painting and later, I attended FIT to learn shoe designing. Next, I worked under Nathan Clark from Clarks footwear to combine my personal fascination with shoes, technical shoe designing skills, and aspirations to be independent with Nathan’s practical expertise

‘Once a shoemaker, always a shoemaker.’ These were the words that Nathan said to me that will always stick whenever I think about how my journey started. If you want change, then it is not enough to just dream about it. You need to go out and find what it is that helps you feel alive. For me, that was painting at first and developing a passion of designing shoes later. With the spark of the New York dream in me, I worked hard day and night obsessing over the intricate details of my shoe collection, choosing which materials I would use to make them, and how their creation would connect to the values that I believe in, until I was able to reach where I am today.

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What to expect

"Soleful Creativity: Shoe Design Insights and Industry Advice

  • Explore essential aspects and considerations for aspiring shoe designers entering the dynamic and competitive world of footwear. Receive advice on navigating the shoe industry and creating your own shoes.
  • Gain valuable insights and tips from an experienced shoe designer on establishing your brand, designing unique footwear, and navigating the business side of the industry.

How can I infuse my personal style into my shoe designs while meeting market demands?

  • Learn strategies for balancing creativity and market trends to develop shoes that resonate with your personal aesthetic while appealing to a wider audience.

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  • Make your session even more meaningful by choosing an IX session for a Charity Choice Donation. Contribute to a charitable cause of your choice while receiving valuable advice and insights from the shoe design expert.

Innovation in Footwear: Emerging Technologies and Design Trends

  •  IX Session is not active currently.
  • Stay ahead of the curve with a deep dive into technological advancements in the shoe industry.
  • Discover how innovation in materials and manufacturing processes is shaping the future of footwear.
  • Designer perspectives on incorporating cutting-edge trends into your own shoe designs.

Navigating the Shoe Industry Landscape

  • Explore the dynamics of the ever-evolving shoe industry.
  • Gain valuable insights on current trends, market demands, and consumer preferences.
  • Expert advice on positioning your brand for success in the competitive shoe market.

From Sketch to Sole: A Journey into Shoe Design

  • Join our designer as they take you through the creative process of designing footwear.
  • Learn about material selection, prototyping, and bringing your design concepts to life.
  • Tips and tricks for aspiring shoe designers looking to make their mark in the industry.

Shoe Business 101: Strategies for Success

  • Delve into the fundamentals of running a successful shoe business.
  • Practical advice on marketing, inventory management, and building a strong brand identity.
  • Insider tips on navigating challenges and staying ahead in the competitive marketplace.

Crafting Your Niche: Specialized Shoes and Customization

  • Explore the world of niche shoe markets and customization options.
  • Expert guidance on identifying unique selling propositions and catering to specific customer needs.
  • Insights into the growing demand for personalized footwear and how to capitalize on it.

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