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Alexa Jeanne Kusber

Category: Visual Arts

About me

Alexa Jeanne Kusber is an American independent curator and creative based in Zurich. Throughout her career she has maintained a focus on questioning and expanding the notion of curating.

Since moving to Switzerland, she currently is the Curatorial Director at the Verbier 3-D Foundation, a non-profit cultural organization dedicated to promoting contemporary art, environmentalism and education through its Artist Residency and Sculpture Park. In parallel, she was the Public Programmes Curator for the pioneering MuDA - Museum of Digital Art in Zurich until 2020.

As an independent curator, Alexa has curated or co-curated numerous exhibitions and cultural projects in the United States, UK, Switzerland and internationally such as Mutations (Switzerland, 2014), [re]locate (UK, 2013), The Museum of Everything (UK, 2009) and education programmes such as Kibit and Mini Masters (Switzerland, 2014 - current).

She has written essays for magazines and publications including Surface Magazine (2013), Critical Contemporary Culture (2010 - 2014) and In Search of Frankenstein: Mary Shelley's Nightmare (2018). Alexa has participated in numerous curatorial panel discussions most recently at Asia House (London), ZKM (Karlsruhe) and NRW Forum (Dusseldorf).

IX Nomination 2024

What to expect

"Introduction to Curatorial Practice:

  • IX Session is not active currently.
  • A "Meet and Greet" to acquaint ourselves and determine if all the stars align.
  • Overview of Alexa's career and her commitment to expanding curatorial perspectives.
  • Introduction to key principles in curating and its evolving role in the contemporary art landscape.
  • Sharing insights from her experiences in Switzerland and the United Kingdom.
  • Q&A opportunity for personalized advice and clarification

"Curating in Switzerland: Verbier 3-D Foundation"

  • IX Session is not active currently.
  • Delving into Alexa's role as the Curatorial Director at the Verbier 3-D Foundation.
  • Exploring the organization's mission in promoting contemporary art, environmentalism, and education.
  • Discussing specific projects and exhibitions curated within the Swiss cultural context.
  • Ask me questions and I will share my insights, experiences, and the evolving landscape of curatorial practices I have been involved in. We will discuss the role of curators in shaping artistic narratives, fostering creativity, and connecting with diverse audiences.
  • Q&A opportunity for personalized advice and clarification

"Digital Art Curation: Insights"

  • IX Session is not active currently.
  • Examining Alexa's tenure as the Public Programmes Curator at the Museum of Digital Art (MuDA) in Zurich.
  • Highlighting the intersection of technology, art, and curation.
  • Discussing challenges and innovations in curating digital art exhibitions.
  • Discussion of working with artists and nuturing their careers
  • Q&A opportunity for personalized advice and clarification

"International Projects and Collaborations"

  • IX Session is not active currently.
  • Overview of Alexa's international curatorial projects
  • Discussing the role of cultural exchange in shaping curatorial practices.
  • Sharing experiences from participating in curatorial panel discussions globally.
  • Q&A opportunity for personalized advice and clarification

"Education Programs: Curating and Decision Making"

  • IX Session is not active currently.
  • Exploring Alexa's involvement in designing and implementing education programs.
  • Discussing the impact of educational initiatives in fostering engagement with contemporary art.
  • Offering practical insights into creating meaningful learning experiences.
  • Q&A opportunity for personalized advice and clarification

"Curatorial Writing and Publications"

  • IX Session is not active currently.
  • Brief overview of Alexa's contributions to magazines and publications.
  • Discussing the importance of critical writing in the field of curating.
  • Exploring the intersection of curatorial practice and scholarly discourse.
  • Extending the session to accommodate an interactive Q&A discussion.
  • Addressing specific queries related to curatorial practices, art education, and international collaborations.
  • Facilitating a dynamic and engaging conclusion to the extended session
  • Q&A opportunity for personalized advice and clarification

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