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Michael Angelo

Category: Style & Beauty

About me

Michael Angelo is an artist, designer, writer, creative director and beauty guru... a truly modern renaissance man. His internationally acclaimed Wonderland Beauty Parlor is where his work in beauty, film, photography and graphic design are born. His creations reflect a perspective informed by decades of discussion about the superficial, the banal and the beautiful. His collection of the world’s first scratch-n-sniff wall coverings for Flavor Paper, called “The Fruit Cocktail Collection,” benefited the Human Rights Campaign and is included in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution’s Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum where it has been included in the exhibitions “The Senses: Design Beyond Vision” and “Wall Stories: Children’s Wallpaper and Books”.  It has been exhibited in multiple incarnations of The Museum of Ice Cream. Angelo's photographic exhibition The Lipstick Portraits, debuted at 401 Projects in New York City with praise by outlets such as Interview, The Daily Beast and Vogue Italia. Proceeds from print sales supported the development of vocational training in the field of beauty for vulnerable women and girls in Southeast Asia, and Angelo was honored with the Global Action Forum Media Award. Work from this project was exhibited at the Museum of Sex and remains on view at the Nobel Prize Museum in Stockholm.

Michael is regularly turned to for his expert opinion on tips and trends in the beauty industry, from print outlets such as Vogue, Elle, and The Wall Street Journal, to appearances on “The Today Show” and The New York Times Style page. 

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What to expect

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  • - ask three or more questions
  • - how I evaluate my industry
  • - advice on particular topics
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  • IX Session is not active currently.
  • Crafting questions to understand client preferences.
  • The importance of client consultations.
  • Tips for gathering feedback on beauty products and services.

Tips on How to Start a Successful Beauty Salon

  • IX Session is not active currently.
  • Identifying niche markets within the beauty industry.
  • Developing a unique brand identity for a beauty venture.
  • Essential considerations for selecting a skilled beauty team.

Advice on Getting Your First 10,000 Beauty Customers

  • IX Session is not active currently.
  • Leveraging social media trends in the beauty sector.
  • Creating captivating beauty content for online platforms.
  • Strategies for building a loyal customer base in the beauty industry.

Beauty Industry Insight for Experts

  • IX Session is not active currently.
  • Current trends and innovations in skincare, makeup, and wellness.
  • Sustainable and ethical practices in the beauty sector.
  • Strategies for staying competitive and innovative in the beauty industry.

Tips on How to Start a Successful Beauty Company (Applied Insights)

  • IX Session is not active currently.
  • Unique considerations for beauty startups.
  • The role of storytelling and branding in the beauty sector.
  • Building strong relationships with suppliers, influencers, and distributors in the beauty industry.

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